/From Breakfast to Bedtime: A Day in the Life of Sourabh Sisodiya, a Dedicated and Successful Trader

From Breakfast to Bedtime: A Day in the Life of Sourabh Sisodiya, a Dedicated and Successful Trader

Sourabh Sisodiya, a dedicated trader, provides a glimpse into the life of a trader, highlighting the excitement and commitment required to thrive in this ever-changing industry.

New Delhi (India), May 27: Sourabh Sisodiya’s love for trading began in his childhood, and it has remained a passion that fuels his daily routine. Trading never feels like work to him, except when he experiences losses, which he humorously acknowledges. The constantly evolving nature of the market makes it fascinating for Sourabh, as each day presents new challenges and opportunities.

Sourabh’s typical day starts with preparing for the day ahead, enjoying a cup of coffee and a quick breakfast. After a short commute to the office, he stays updated on the latest Wall Street and Asian market news, paying particular attention to macro and stock-specific events that may impact his investments.

The pre-opening session marks the beginning of the trading day. As an index trader, Sourabh focuses on analyzing the Bank Nifty, utilizing his proprietary intraday theta eating strategy, affectionately named “Snorlax.” This strategy, developed based on historical data and intraday patterns, enables Sourabh to create skewed delta positions and implement appropriate stop-loss measures.

Once the market opens, Sourabh actively monitors the market using his momentum-based system called “Velocity.” This system scans the liquid F&O universe, generating signals for automated trades based on momentum and intraday trading patterns.

During midday, when market activity tends to slow down, Sourabh takes the opportunity to interact with fellow traders at TheTradeRoom, exchanging views and discussing ongoing positions. He also collaborates with the Quant team, focusing on backtesting trading strategies and exploring innovative approaches such as machine learning models using CNN.

He then goes live on TV on ET Now Swadesh, a Times Group Company and shares his view on the markets and top stock picks.

Lunchtime offers a chance to recharge and evaluate market cues from European openings. The risk team ensures contingency plans are in place while Sourabh enjoys a meal shared with his colleagues, fostering camaraderie and team spirit.

Returning to his trading desk, Sourabh evaluates his positions and continues to rely on Snorlax and Velocity to capitalize on intraday moves. He constantly strives to optimize his trading systems and identifies potential positional trades based on momentum and top gainers for the day, engaging in discussions with the team to determine suitable hedging strategies.

As the trading day comes to a close, Sourabh ensures all intraday trades are closed, reviews portfolio risk in anticipation of major market gaps the following day, and identifies areas for improvement and system optimization.

After market hours, Sourabh dedicates time to physical exercise at the gym, and spending quality time with his family in the evenings. As a lifelong learner, he immerses himself in reading about quantitative finance, risk management, and psychology, constantly expanding his knowledge and skill set.

Before bedtime, Sourabh indulges in another passion – playing poker online. He applies the principles of patience and strategic decision-making from poker to trading, enhancing his trading skills and increasing his odds of success.

While weekends are often filled with work-related activities, Sourabh understands the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. He organizes outdoor activities with his team, fostering strong bonds and camaraderie outside the office, further strengthening their collective spirit.

Sourabh Sisodiya’s daily routine exemplifies the dedication, adaptability, and continuous learning necessary for a successful trader. His passion for the industry and relentless pursuit of improvement make him an inspiration to traders and aspiring professionals alike.

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