/Unleashing the Mysteries: Reijul Sachdev Takes Readers on a Thrilling Ride with ‘Wildcat’

Unleashing the Mysteries: Reijul Sachdev Takes Readers on a Thrilling Ride with ‘Wildcat’

Reijul Sachdev, a talented young author and PhD student at IIIT-Bangalore, has recently released his novel, “Wildcat”, a psychological thriller with comic elements. The book follows the journey of Pranav Dasgupta, a Computer Science student at ICSI, as he navigates the complexities of college life and stumbles upon a hidden world of mysteries. In this exclusive interview, we have the opportunity to gain insights into Reijul Sachdev’s inspirations, challenges, and the fascinating journey behind the creation of “Wildcat.”

Link to the book:- https://amzn.eu/d/hrzku1n 

Q1: What inspired you to write “Wildcat”?

Reijul Sachdev: “Wildcat” was born out of my passion for storytelling and my fascination with the enigmatic aspects of life, born from my own experiences as a schizophrenic. I wanted to retell my own story as a Computer Science student and give the book a comic twist, as well as a desire to tell the world my story as a schizophrenic and incorporate a psychological thriller element into the book. It was this trip down memory lane that propelled me to write “Wildcat.”

Q2: Pranav Dasgupta, the protagonist of your novel, embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Could you tell us more about this theme?

Reijul Sachdev: The theme of self-discovery is central to “Wildcat.” Pranav Dasgupta represents the young adults who are at a crossroads in their lives, searching for their true identities and purpose. As he unravels the mysteries he encounters, he also embarks on a profound journey of self-reflection and growth. Through Pranav’s experiences, I aimed to explore the complexities of personal transformation, the challenges of making choices, and the ultimate realization of one’s potential. However, through all this a comic vein is maintained so that at no point does the book get too serious or bogged down in self-help or advice.

Q3: Your book explores the hidden depths of human relationships. Why did you find this exploration significant?

Reijul Sachdev: Human relationships are intricate and multifaceted, often concealing layers of emotions and experiences. I found the exploration of these hidden depths significant because it reflects the complexity of our own lives. By delving into the intricacies of relationships in “Wildcat,” I wanted to emphasize the power of understanding, empathy, and connection. It is through these connections that we can truly uncover the depths of ourselves and others.

Q4: How did you incorporate the essence of college life into “Wildcat”?

Reijul Sachdev: College life is a transformative period that shapes individuals’ perspectives and experiences. To capture the essence of this phase in “Wildcat,” I drew upon my own memories and observations as a student. From academic pressures to friendships and the quest for independence, I aimed to create a narrative that resonates with readers, reminding them of their own college journeys. By blending relatable elements of college life with the mysterious undertones of the story, I sought to evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

Q5: Can you share any insights into your writing process and how you brought “Wildcat” to life?

Reijul Sachdev: The process of bringing “Wildcat” to life was an exhilarating one. I believe in the power of immersion and research, so I dedicated a significant amount of time to understanding the nuances of the themes I explored. Outlining the plot and character development were essential steps in my writing process, allowing me to maintain a cohesive narrative. Balancing my academic commitments and writing required discipline and effective time management. With the support of my loved ones, I carved out dedicated writing time and worked diligently to bring “Wildcat” to fruition.

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