/ISBR Launches the Post Graduate Program in Business Intelligence and Analytics (PGBIA) for Working Professionals

ISBR Launches the Post Graduate Program in Business Intelligence and Analytics (PGBIA) for Working Professionals

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], September 23: In response to the growing demand for skilled professionals in the field of business intelligence and analytics, ISBR is proud to announce the launch of its latest program, the Post Graduate Program in Business Intelligence and Analytics (PGBIA). This program has been meticulously designed to equip business professionals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s data-driven corporate landscape. In our increasingly digital world, the explosion of data generated by modern information systems, along with technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, has created an unprecedented demand for expertise in business intelligence and analytics. The ISBR PGBIA program is tailored to address this need by providing participants with comprehensive training in the following key areas: Business Intelligence: This aspect of the program focuses on the acquisition, organization, and analysis of data to support informed decision-making. By mastering the principles of business intelligence, participants will gain the ability to extract valuable insights from data, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies. Analytics: The program delves deep into the systematic exploration and interpretation of data to identify meaningful patterns and trends. With expertise in analytics, participants will be empowered to uncover hidden opportunities, mitigate risks, optimize processes, and enhance overall business performance. Upon successful completion of the PGBIA program, participants will be equipped with the following skills and abilities: ● Effective Use of Analytical Tools and Techniques: Participants will be adept at utilizing various analytical tools and techniques to extract insights from data effectively. ● Predictive Model Design: They will have the capability to design predictive models that can extract valuable insights from complex datasets. ● Facilitating Decision-Making: Participants will be skilled in applying business intelligence and analytics techniques to facilitate decision-making processes, empowering organizations to make informed choices. ● Ethical Data Handling: The program places significant emphasis on the responsible and ethical handling of data, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to navigate the ethical challenges associated with data-driven decision-making. ● Strategic Planning and Business Forecasting: Participants will be proficient in employing analytical techniques to formulate strategic plans and forecast business performance accurately. To ensure the highest quality of education and training, the program will be co-delivered by seasoned trainers from CloudThat. CloudThat is a Microsoft Gold Partner, Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, Google Consulting Partner, Databrick Consulting Partner, MongoDB Ready Partner, and a part of the Pearson Testing Network. ISBR invites aspiring business professionals to embark on this transformative journey towards becoming leaders in the dynamic world of business intelligence and analytics. Join us in shaping the future of data-driven decision-making. Apply here: https://www.peopleedu.in/bias-pgdm.html

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